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Diane Dean

         Diane Dean is a native Michigander, now living in The Villages, Florida. Her careers were many and varied, but they always involved education, problem-solving, and communication. Her love for horses, dogs, and cats is lifelong, not so much lizards and snakes. 

         She has had the opportunity to get involved in so many things in The Villages;  dancing in theatre productions, photography, book discussion clubs, genealogy research, playing bridge, water volleyball, and sometimes golf. But writing has taken center stage.

        The many writing critique groups offered in this mega-retirement community were an inspiration to pursue the goal of becoming an author. She started with short stories, one co-authored with her grandson included in a collection of stories titled Critter Capers. A quest to compile family recipes coupled with character sketches and vintage photographs resulted in Our Michigan Roots. 

         Her debut novel was inspired by a real dog and cat. She captures Luna's voice in this fictional account somewhat based in reality in Hollywood, California. She loves the dog and cat, but hates the freeways of Los Angeles.

 Luna, A Dog Named After the Moon is middle-grade fiction, but the senior generation enjoys it immensely.


        Ms. Dean continues her writing aspirations along with her puppy, Stewart, an Australian labradoodle. He may have his own stories to tell, and she thinks he barks with an Australian accent.

My Books
My Books

Luna, A Dog Named After The Moon

Luna, a talking puppy with a positive attitude, deals with being adopted, fears, boredom, and a bothersome cat. When trouble happens Luna uses her animal instincts to help. Have you ever thought a dog was talking to you? Luna is the lovable puppy who does just that. When adopted by a family in a hectic Hollywood household, she seeks to achieve her own fame and purpose. As Luna tells of her experiences, we see an appreciation for the important things in life. Parents and grandparents reading the story to children may find conversation starters in the life lessons Luna learns. The puppy’s sense of humor and a balance of humility and ego will bring a chuckle to adults.


Our Michigan Roots Cookbook

I started this project somewhere around 2013 by gathering recipes from family members.  Life got in the way and the process dragged on. My interest continued in sharing the cards in the handwriting of the people who originated the recipe and passing on recipes for dishes many would remember.

We went through recipes of our aunts and mothers. This recipe book is a tribute to all those who have “gone on ahead” as former missionary cousin Marilla Dean Rutherford taught me to say. We remember who they were, who we are and who we will always be by our family, friends and food connections.

Critter Capers  - 52 Stories & Poems from Various Writers

"Kitty and Her Pet Gold Fish" & "The Horse's New Job" - Diane Dean


These winning stories and poems will make you laugh, touch your heart, and celebrate our love for animals wild and domestic. Discover three who were the first to fly in a hot-air balloon; a rat who helped build the subway to Brooklyn; a R.E.A.D dog; twelve goldfish named Whale; a group of dancing chickens; a heroic eagle; and a useless horse who’s not so useless after all.

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