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Luna gets noticed

Luna, A Dog Named After the Moon was entered in the Florida Writers Association Contest. It is called the Royal Palm Literary Competition. The book has achieved semi-finalist status. I know it's not the Westminster Dog Show, but a nice accomplishment for the book. We'll await the next step as the judging moves forward.

The June issue of Style magazine (available online as The Villages edition) includes a brief interview of me regarding adjustments during this Covid-19 situation. The Villages Daily Sun will be doing a little author spotlight on me in the near future.

My writing groups are still meeting in various ways, some by Zoom, others in the recreation center—each of us at a card table with distance, one is doing informative programs online. So the writing incentive is still there. I've been working on getting an audio book of Luna onto Audible, it's a work in progress.

I am now encouraging anyone who has a beloved dog, past or present, who would like to contribute a little story and photo of their dog to be included in a future book I will do. Just send me an email at and we'll get that project going.

The isolation, the protests, the politics, the weather—I think we all share some opinions on those issues. Makes you wonder where it's all leading to, or maybe it's just an opportunity to examine where we have been. Either way, we have the time to think about what is important as we move forward.

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